A Date with your Dog—–by ADLC

In high anticipation for a date with the opposite sex all manner of emotions marginalize per minute, from Joy to doubts.

That comes without doubt that these colossal episodes of dates won’t be graced with simple walks (a mile or less),for various purposes of looking into each other’s eyes,chatting,laughing and snacking.
As dog lovers this experience is not far fetch ,as we take this constant walk with our dogs, a silent walk it might seem to others but it carries every weight of conversation and bonding between human and dogs.
This walking sessions are nothing short of the dog asking questions and permissions, and humans expressing their thoughts and concerns.
In ADLC (Alimosho dog lovers club), to engage in the 3rd mass dog walk titled “no bad dogs only uneducated owners” is such a proud feat for us as dog lovers. Every ADLC dog walk has been an aftermath of recommendable accolade (and here we are again).

This dog walk is a very good opportunity for us to address the slight issues of dog abuse, dog care, and perceptions, we have observed the many unnecessary emotional grind and misconceptions between humans and dogs and the result of such irresponsibility, this concern is the reason for this month’s theme “NO BAD DOGS ONLY UNEDUCATED OWNERS”.

ADLC dog walk event is a consortium of graceful humans and amiable species of dogs.

The dog walk takes place on the 28th of july 2018, take off point : NNPC Opp, diamond estate bus stop, Isheri-igando Rd, Isheri-olofin, Lagos.

With this exceptional experience of interaction, bonding and fun between humans and dogs you surely would want to bring yourself , YOURS DOGS and loved ones to another summer episode of ADLC DOG WALK.

From the PR Team.


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