Groups slam Dickson’s Judicial Commission of Inquiry on election violence in Bayelsa State

A group known as the Coalition of Pro-Democracy groups have described the outcome of the Judicial Commission of Inquiry established by Bayelsa State Governor, Henry Seriake Dickson, as a mere wishful adventure and a further display of Executive Rascality, that has charaterised the five years of Governor Dickson administration in the State.

The group, at a Press conference addressed by its Coordinator, Isaac Aremu and other officials in Abuja on Monday, said the Commission was also a waste of the resources of the state, by Governor Dickson and his proteges, who acted as members of the Judicial Commission.

The group said it wish to remind Governor Dickson, that he is the lead perpetrator of violence during the December 2015 Governorship election, and therefore wonders if the so called Judicial Commission, ever invited Dickson or mention his ignoble roles, during the election.

The group, however, said the Report of Judicial Commission of Enquiry was dead on arrival.

“The Coalition of Pro-Democracy Groups, has taken notice of the constitution and the eventual submission of a report to Governor Seriake Dickson of Bayelsa State, by a Judicial Commission of Inquiry which claimed to have investigated the violence and killings that occurred during the December 2015, Governorship election in the state. Our group, sees this action of Governor Dickson as self-serving and a mere smokescreen by the governor to rubbish his political opponents and divert attention from the violence and deaths he planted, nurtured and carried out during the Bayelsa Governorship elections”.

“We are amazed, at the decision of Governor Dickson and his self-serving Judicial Commission, to shut out other interested parties and stakeholders, within and outside the State, in the course of the so-called inquiry. We wish to alert Nigerians about the refusal of the Bayelsa State government to allow an independent probe and assessment of the situation, including the opportunities given to it, by notable right organization, including the Amnesty International. One then wonders, how Governor Dickson becomes the accuser and the judge, in a case which he has been actively involved”

“We hereby wish to inform Governor Dickson to consider the matter of the commission a total waste of time and resources, and dead on arrival, while also urging the Federal Government to immediately institute a probe into the Bayelsa Governorship election, in order to prevent future occurence”


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