Nigerian authorities intensified persecution of Activists and Opposition Politicians

Nigerian authorities intensified persecution of outspoken youth activists and government critics since 2011 till date, while even the incumbent administration is doing nothing to tackle longstanding, grave human rights abuses, such as widespread impunity for torture, Global Agenda, a Right group in Nigeria have said.

Nigeria has over the years, sustained a harsh and unprecedented crackdown on freedom of expression and political plurality, imprisoning and sending on exile, outspoken opposition, Youth and civil society activists. They placed youth and right activists under house arrest and incommunicado detention for peaceful civic activism, extended the prison sentences of opposition figures without due process.

There were some small, positive steps on human rights in Nigeria, few years ago. But overall, the poor human rights records have not improved despite, for example, government pledges to tackle the problem of torture, and promote the freedom of information.

The level of abuse and overall decline in respect for fundamental freedoms in Nigeria is shocking.

Nigeria is still grappling with the aftermath of the Boko Haram insurgency that has left hundreds dead and thousands injured. Despite an uneasy calm in the country, the authorities are still detaining, torturing, and extorting activists.

The authorities limited the right to freedom of expression by blocking access to free speech in the media.

In 2016, dozens of deaths and numerous injuries were reported in the South Eastern part of the country, after the government sent troops to the southeastern region of country, to arrest peaceful protesters, demanding for an indigenous state of Biafra.

The incumbent regime in Nigeria, has failed to take any meaningful steps to improve its longstanding abysmal rights record despite several damning assessments by the Amnesty International and other right groups.

The Global Agenda, also unveil its plans, to approach the Amnesty International, United Nations and the Africa Union, to compel Nigeria, to immediately comply with the various court rulings, ordering the release of politically detained Nigerians, who are being held on various trumped up charges and also demand a stop, to the persecution of various youth activist, many of whom are being forced to abscond for safety, outside the country.

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