Obasanjo; The modern age Bashorun Gaa… part 2.

General Olusegun Okikiola Obasanjo captures the definition of the  Narcissistic Personality Disorder, of the, “I know more, I know better, I am the more interesting personality. I won the war, civil and all. I am the best President.

When we talk, it’s mostly about me. In conversations, I take up most of the air time. Almost all of my chatter is about what I have done, what I am thinking about….And, If you begin to talk about yourself, link back to something in my life so that the focus of the discussion again turns onto me….”

Maybe that is why people say he sucks up all the air in a room where others are seated, almost everyone must bow to his own views.. Whenever he wants something, never mind how others feel about it, he goes ahead to plow and plough his way through… It is always, all about him.…!

A student of the Yoruba history will know of the “Iba Osorun of the Old Oyo Empire,  Bashorun Gaa”, that had the penchant for being narcissistic and for always in the manner of pulling every sovereign, down. A like character is General Olusegun Obasanjo.

One of the ironies of the Nigerian 4th Republic, that started in 1999, was the unlikely recipient of the first eight years of the present civilian rule.
It so happened that the least qualified to be called a hero of the period referred to in history as the June 12 period is the Former President Obasanjo who rode to power in 1999, on the backs of those who genuinely wanted the revaluation of the annulled June 12 elections and the installation of Bashorun MKO Abiola as the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
Whilst many died and many more were run out of town, Obasanjo went to jail for purely being an irritant to Abacha and not as someone fighting for the June 12 cause.

In an election that Abiola was acclaimed as the winner, Obasanjo claimed he was not the Messiah.
Rather than build a case for Abiola as the Winner of The June 12 election, Obasanjo said at a press conference at Otta, that, “The people on that day, voted for change, if they are not allowed the personality in the change, they should at least have a change of government”.
That was the tacit support Babangida needed to put an Interim Government in place, thereby trading Abiola’s mandate for a mere Interim Government, that was neither voted for, nor supported by the people.
Obasanjo encouraged rather than castigate those who annulled the June 12 elections, and only fell out with Abacha, who forced the illegal interim government out, purely on a different matter, other than for a support for June 12.

At the end, Chief MKO Abiola was for a period of 4 years ,incarcerated in Abacha’s jail… Sadly, he also did not come out alive from this incarceration.

Nigeria was tethering toward the abyss and the South West zone, thrown into mourning.
A national consensus, to pacify and appease the people of the South West zone, was reached by all, and a decision to cede the Presidency to the South West, agreed upon, a situation that brought back General Obasanjo from Prison to Presidency.

An Obasanjo Presidency subsisted in Nigeria for eight good years, with the clearest and vested opportunity to not only recognize Chief MKO Abiola, the hero of June 12 1993 elections, upon whose back Obasanjo rode to power, and a surest situation for Obasanjo to have given back to the likes of Abiola and others, who lost either their lives or their livelihoods in that struggle, by recognizing June 12 1993 elections…. But, sadly and most embarrassingly, Obasanjo did not recognize Chief MKO Abiola or make an attempt to immortalize his name!

This is the Obasanjo, who was no Democrat, while in office, sacking the elected Governor of Plateau state, over communal clashes all in the name of “Emergency Rule”, Obasanjo seized Lagos state Local Government allocations for a period of 2 years, which the Supreme Court adjudged illegal, and was not paid until the late President Yar’Adua came into power after him.
Yet, this is the same man accusing President Buhari today, of anti-democratic tendencies..
This is the same man that demands of President Buhari, a better human face in governance, a man that bombed a whole community of children, of mothers, a community that sued the Federal Government and was awarded billions of Naira in compensation of the acts of one man like Bashorun Gaa of old.

For every security situation we have around the country now, we had similar situations also around the time Obasanjo was President. And the same problems perhaps that of the Jos clashes in 2004, where over a thousand people were killed certainly envelopes the current situation, right under Obasanjo’s watch… One would have thought therefore, that a rational Former President would have seen the present situation as one that will require the cooperation of all, in tackling insecurity and finding lasting solutions to solving ethnic clashes.

Support for the President, who is trying his best to fix a National crisis, should be what a President Obasanjo should be doing… But is he!??
While Buhari is busy tackling the rot left behind, by preceding administrations, a troubled nation already, needed the  handling of the type that calls for utmost caution in utterances and posturing of those expected to know, but the narcissistic Obasanjo only thrives in mischief and in chaos, out of an already saturated and divided polity.
An Obasanjo that should be remembering, the looting of our treasury and the raping of commonwealth in the times of his administration and in the times of others, is busy, fanning the embers of disunity, creating the environment that encourages the ethnic killers across the country to continue with their carnage, thereby instigating the people to rebel against their hardworking and Forthright President.

But a word for the narcissist — We still always remember under  his watch, how he bombed Odi and how he he carried out the Zaki Ibiam massacre.

He is a habitual letter writer, who did not start Today…
That he wrote that letter to president Buhari not to run in 2019, is habitual — He never wants anyone to outshine him…

The Generals and commanders at the war front during the Civil War, will remember how he, Obasanjo, was shot in the butt, while running away from the war front.
There are books to show General Obasanjo’s fright and then flight, when bullets started flying he took off…running and a stray bullet nipped that area, only to write self absorbingly of his bravery in the face of fire. A decipher of his lies, one just need to read Obasanjo’s book MY COMMAND in his own words…

To cut through General Obasanjo’s lies a good read presents in the book titled “THE TRAGEDY OF Victory”, by General G Alabi Isama. The book contains 670 pages with 450 war pictures and 80 military strategy and tactics maps. Obasanjo knew next to nothing about how General Akinrinade got Biafra to surrender.
Yet, Obasanjo it was, who claimed in his book that he won the war single handedly. This is the same Obasanjo that was appointed the Commander of 3 MARINE COMMANDO in 1969 with only 30 days to end the war when General Adekunle THE BLACK SCORPION was sick.

It took 6 months before the troops realized how inefficient and how incompetent Obasanjo was.
Gen Akinrinade and other  officers of 3rd Marine Commando got themselves together and ended the war.
Anybody reading  Obasanjo’s own book titled “MY COMMAND”, will encounter where he confessed to, “LEARNING ON THE Job”!
The Narcissist has always told that story of nobody else is better than Obasanjo worthless cliché. And it did not start Today!

Professor Oluwole Akinwande Soyinka, has also written widely on Obasanjo’s penchant for selfish, self-serving tendencies, when he remarked recently that — “He is trying to hijack a recovery process he is least worthy to lead”.
A clear statement on Obasanjo’s hypocritical posturing in the political space..
“Obasanjo has crossed the red line and I will launch a publication to expose him on July 3 at Freedom Park in Lagos,” Soyinka also stated recently,

According to Soyinka, Obasanjo is not the right person to lead any movement for reform on change of leadership in the country in 2019 and that Obasanjo’s Coalition for Nigerian Movement should not be glorified.

That he has failed this time around is glaringly a fact that his time has come just like the way the time of Bashorun Gaa of old, came in such a a disgraceful way..

Obasanjo thinking he was going to be supported like before, continues to receive the shock of his Life;
Rejection, condemnation, trail his every attempt at recording a Presidential casualty — His return to partisan politics,  a volte face of sorts, after tearing his PDP membership card, forming the Third Force, which has no trappings of any force to be reckoned… Just like his political romance with Chief Olu Falae ’s SDP, which was rejected on the basis of incompatibility and seen for his habituality in self-seeking absorption of a non-present importance….
He then proceeded to actuality become a political party co-owner on the platform of ADC, like a defunct airline with an old and unstable navigator, yet, another road to nowhere..
For a man that has tried many times in the last one year employing every trick available in his own narcissistic world to whittle down Buhari’s government, crisscrossing great distances within and without with little or nothing tangible to show for such energy for an 82 year old still egotistical, it will be safe to say his political nunc dimitis, is about to be sung for all the world to hear and proclaim — How are The Mighty Truly Fallen….!
Comrade Oladimeji Odeyemi,  the President of National Committee of Yoruba Youths, (NCYY) sent this article from Ibadan,  Oyo State

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