Osun and the horse of a dilemma ……the tragedy of choice

Osun and the horse of a dilemma
……the tragedy of choice

The last seven two hours has been a most dramatic one for the informed people of osun state be it an indigene or a dweller in the land.

First is the predetermined emergence of Oyetola, the never smiling chief of staff to the governor of the state as APC guber candidate in the September election, the controversial emergence (as often for him) of Otunba Iyiola Omisore as ‘one’ of the cadidtates of the SDP and then the dramatic emergence of dancing senator Ademola Adeleke as the candidate of the PDP.

Others emerged in the less popular parties but then as it is the case in the politics of Nigeria, one can boldly say either of the trio mentioned is the next governor of Osun state.

Let the intrigues begin!

These are momentous times for the dwellers of the state of the virtuous. Little close to a decade ago, the humble snack came in a dancing, unassuming, but assuredly determined Rauf Aregbesola with a dint of flavours: ready salted, cheesed and onion, or salt and vinegar. Today the choice is tongue-tingling.

A Venture towards the gourmet fringes of the crisp offering, and the choice and exoticism multiply: the trio among whom Osun state people will have to chose is a sour cream, Ludlow sausage with wholegrain mustard. Crisps these days can be crinkle-cut, thick-cut, ridge-cut, square-cut, hand-fried, reduced fat, sold in six-packs, grab bags, party size or family packs but in all the packs it is coming in, Osun seems to be further on the brink.

While Oyetola is seen and supposedly so as the advancement of the Lagos hold on Osun state (ajeles), Adeleke with nothing but a failed secondary school certificate (he has an ally in the president though) brings nothing to the table but dances and acrobatics while the perpetual contesting Omisore with seeming best understanding of the state and her people might be running out of steam.

Wheel a trolley down the aisle of any modern Western hypermarket, and the choice of all sorts is dazzling. Osun is an hypermarket! Who shall shop from it?

Humans often make bad decisions and no doubts, all the leading political parties did in their choice of candidates. Does Osun not have better qualified indigines? Do we not deserve better than this?

People assign a value to each choice but our decision-making system is subject to glitches.
Economists have spent more than 50 years cataloging irrational choices like these. Nobel Prizes have been earned; millions of copies of Freakonomics have been sold. But economists still aren’t sure why they happen. “There had been a real cottage industry in how to explain them and lots of attempts to make them go away,” said Eric Johnson, a psychologist and co-director of the Center for Decision Sciences at Columbia University. But none of the half-dozen or so explanations are clear winners, he said.

In the last 15 to 20 years of my informed participation in issues of governance and particularly of involvement in Osun politics, never has the people been without a ‘good’ choice such as this.

At a crucial time that the people crave for a change or you call it freedom from Aregbesola and his lagos band wagon, one would have expected the true omo onilus perhaps through the instrument of the opposition party to produce a candidate to beat and not a secondary school drop out with no record of any previous achievement other than an ‘A’ in dancing and acrobatics.

In Iyiola Omisore perhaps lies an hope but a oblique one. Many haven’t forgotten the stigma of the Bola Ige saga and for those that knows, the events of the 2014 elections, the Dasuki gate involvement and then his ever assuming too know tendency. These factors won’t just be wished away.

For Alhaji Oyetola, a chief of staff that is as evasive as a ghost worker, one would have thought his likes won’t even dare a public contest due to his non friendly personality but then, who can’t the politicians package? He is now the smiling poster boy of the APC.
If anything, if he intends to ride on the wing (a broken one at that) of Aregbesola, this are not the best of times.

For a state that parades an array of intellectuals, successful and intelligent great men to be thrown between the choices of this character is the worst that can befall it.

Without wishing away the potency of religion, an Oyetola has a longer bridge to walk to become a governor or how easy would it be for the Christian community in osun to have a Rauf lead the state for eight years and then have it carried on by another Muslim and worse still from the unfavoured zone of the state to be governor perhaps for another eight years.

For the dancing Demola, a partially blind person knows that his governorship would be an extension of the Adeleke dynasty and nothing more. If it does not come from the country home, it would be as good as not good at all. Would one call Demola a Christian either?

For Omisore, won’t it be a government of vendetta?
That seems ro be the trend for his likes that gets power after many tries.

Where does Osun go from here?

Let the tide waves and the people decides in a tyranny of choice.
Ayo Ologun writes from Osogbo

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