Setting the Standard for Good Governance without burdening the people; the Ibikunle Amosun Example.—–Olufemi Lawson

Setting the Standard for Good Governance without burdening the people; the Ibikunle Amosun Example.

For some of us, as residents and people, of Ogun State, one thing remain sacrosanct, especially whenever the need arises for us, to take a look, at the path that we have taken, over the years, as a people, and a state, that is not only famous, among the states, of our dear country Nigeria, but also one, that is strategically positioned for reckoning, as far as the economic and political development of our country is concerned. It is, how the leadership, of the incumbent Executive Governor of the State, Senator Ibikunle Amosun, has influenced our collective perception, of the average Nigerian political leader.

Before assuming office as the Governor of Ogun State in 2011, Senator Amosun have been known, as a pro-people politician, entrepreneur and philanthropist. The understanding, about his leadership capacity, was a story, known, not only to the people of Ogun, across its length and breath, but also, to the least informed, in and out of the State.

It is no doubt, that the average Nigerian, cannot in the real sense, considering the daily realities around us, underestimate the extent, at which the average Nigerian politician can go, in trying to maintain a positive impression, before the people.

From one administration to the other, particularly since the return of democracy, to our country in 1999, there have been failure of leadership, as governance in Ogun State, became an institution, with so much power, and little responsibilities.

If it were possible for the people not to have anything doing with the government, they will gladly do because obviously the people had become a government to themselves, in many parts of our society today. We have for over a decade of governance, faced the realities of failed electoral promises from politicians and have had to provide everything for ourselves without the slightest intervention from the government.

Before the election of Senator Ibikunle Amosun, as the Governor of Ogun State, what we were made to know as governance in Ogun State, are the numerous “Paper projects” which adorned the front pages of Newspapers, supported by several airtime on both radio and television stations to ‘sell’ the ‘performance’ messages and in most cases this is usually in the first term of their administration so that they can have something to ‘refer’ to during campaigns for a second term. Often times, the money spent on ‘selling the message’ is worth more than the entire projects. That is how bad we have had it here in Ogun, before the emergence of SIA.

A leader should not try to convince his people that he is working for their good just by taking decisions that eventually benefit them. A leader should rather focus on making his people see tangible results through endearing, innovative and sustainable projects that do just that. In Governor Amosun, we have seen such a leader.

Talk about a simple, passionate and energized leader, Amosun is an example. Unlike some of his colleagues here in the South West who are self-acclaimed awoist just by adopting the late sage’s cap and eye glasses, Governor Ibikunle Amosun, has continued to prove himself, as a pace setter in governance in the country and an unparalleled disciple of the sage, Chief Obafemi Awolowo who had, through revolutionary programmes in health, education, health, urban development, job creation, agriculture and commerce, among others, tackled poverty and improved the well-being of the majority of the people.


Since the creation of the state, SIA, as he is fondly called, has scored many firsts as governor and yet he had chosen not to make unnecessary noise about it. An assessment of his numerous, completed and ongoing projects, leaves everyone wondering, the driving spirit, behind this revolutionary approach to governance.

To Amosun, he believes he is a tenant at the Ibara Government House, and only there, doing what the people of Ogun State, have elected him to do. Therefore, there is nothing extra ordinary about it. From the provision of  qualitative/quantitative service delivery in the health, education, Commerce and agro-allied sectors. The Amosun’s administration has aggressively pursued, a system, that promotes an interface in all undertakings, between the government and the people of the State.

Ibikunle Amosun’s trailblazing achievements are no doubt, too numerous to mention. Since he was elected as the Governor of Ogun State in 2011, the governor had introduced, implemented and commissioned thousands of people-oriented projects, cutting across the Health, Education, Infrastructure, Agriculture and even the Economy of the State. It is on record, that no administration in the State, can present a record, to match the efforts of the Amosun’s administration, in road reconstruction, urban renewal and city beautification and several others still in the offing.

It is a surprise in Nigeria’s political landscape that a Governor in his second term in office, who one would have expected to start relaxing, as usually seen, by now since he barely has two years to the end of his tenure and especially now that he is not seeking re-election into a public office is still restless in ensuring a total fulfillment of his campaign promises to the good people of Ogun State. It is thus not a surprise to see that there are still numerous ongoing projects, being embark upon, by the administration, across the length and breadth of the state.

No doubt, the Amosun’s administration in Ogun State, has demonstrated its willingness, towards bringing about succor and development to her people, as the people are also happily going about their lawful businesses without fear or intimidation from government’s agencies or workers. This is called development without intimidation.

For over six years running, we have woken up, to see new policies, structures and plans all aimed at making life better for the people at no painful cost unlike what we have seen and heard in other states where government hides under the disguise of development to bring untold hardship to the people by pulling down their houses, businesses etc. without prior warning or a corresponding compensation.

As a people, we are grateful for having SIA, as our governor, as we seriously hope, for a successor that will key into his revolutionary and developmental agenda, without bringing us tears and hardship.

I cannot but say, that my main take from this brief exposure, of the revolutionary leadership, being offered to the people of Ogun State, under the leadership of Governor Ibikunle Amosun, is that Nigeria is evolving from the doldrums of ceremonious politics where mediocres are chief executives, of our noble institutions.

With the likes of Governor Amosun leading the revolution in effecting some of the biggest and most endearing projects in Nigeria, without any burden on the good people of the state, in term of multiple taxation and others, one can boldly say that if others who have been entrusted with the peoples’ mandates at whatever levels of government follows suit, soonest Nigeria will be better for it.

Ogun State better days are surely ahead.


Olufemi Lawson, writes from OPIC Estate, Agbara, Ogun State.


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