Strange Vaccines: Enemies of Army behind Malicious Campaign says Youth Groups

The National Committee of Yoruba Youth (NCYY), and the Coalition of Civil Societies Against Terrorism have described as malicious, the spreading rumour across some State of the Southern Nigeria, where the Nigerian Army has been rumoured to be administering an unnamed vaccine, on School Children.

Reacting to Tuesday’s incidence, which caused pandemonium is some parts of Rivers and Ondo States, the groups in a Statement issued in Ibadan and signed by its President and Convener, Comrade Odeyemi Oladimeji, attributed the growing rumour, to people, whom the groups described as the “enemies of the counter insurgency operations by the Nigerian Army and some strong sympathizers of the terrorist and secessionist groups in the country, who are hellbent on continuously discrediting the Nigerian Army, through the instrumentality of cheap blackmails, subterfuge and unhealthy propagandas, like the latest vaccine rumour ”

The group wonder why it has become a norm today, for the Nigerian Army and its leadership, to be quickly dragged into politics and malicious campaigns, whenever it is out to perform its constitutional responsibility, of protecting lives and properties, coupled with the task of restoring peace, in the troubled parts of the country.

The groups therefore urge Nigerians, to stop panicking and disregard the rumoured medical mission by the Army, saying the Nigerian Army have dissociated itself from any medical mission to schools and as such, the people have nothing to worry about.

The group further advised those behind the raging rumour to desist, saying the consequences of the malicious action, is not only negative to the image of the Nigerian army, but that it is also an action, which is beginning to expose our children and parents to dangers, going by the panicky withdrawal of children from schools, as witnessed in the past few days. It also urged the security agencies to fish out those responsible, for the rumour and make them to legally face the consequences of their ignoble actions, the concluded.

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