Waje: How I spent hours shedding tears at Eko Hotel

Aituaje Iruobe, the musician better known as Waje, says she feels non-Nigerians  appreciate her more than her countrymen do.

In an interview with Genevieve magazine, the I Wish crooner said she felt bitter when she trended on Twitter because people said she was fat.

Waje revealed that she spent hours weeping at Eko Hotel & Suites over the incident, saying it almost made her quit music.

“That was after my performance at the Guinness Colourful world event in October 2013.  I trended on twitter but not for the right reasons,” she said.

“I did not trend because of my performance, instead I trended because people were uncomfortable with my body size.

“Someone took a picture of a remote control and said I looked like that. That made me say to myself, ‘you know what Waje, music isn’t for you’.

“I cried for hours that day at Eko Hotel. And interestingly, I started feeling the way they said I looked. So, I started drinking. I became bitter.

“I told myself I’m done with music. I didn’t eat for days. I became angry with every family member who came to talk to me. I had no reasons to smile or be happy and decided to sign out of all my social media accounts.”

The 35-year old Edo indigene said Nigerian women are not supportive of each other.

“We feed too much on negativity. That’s why there are more blogs who make money from bashing and critiquing others than those who focus on telling inspiring stories of people’s successes.

“I didn’t know how appreciated I was as an artist until I travelled to Tanzania in 2014. I performed there to a crowd of 70,000 and they sang along to all my songs from start to finish.

“I feel like I’m appreciated outside Nigeria than in Nigeria.”

Waje started her musical career in 2007 and hit limelight when she featured in Do Me with P-Square

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