We will resist your threat and blackmail, group warns APC Leaders, Abuja Cabal

Pan Yoruba Youth organization, the Igbimo Odo Yoruba has raised alarm, over what it described as plans by some leaders of the All Progressives Congress and those it described as a ‘cabal’ within the Presidency, to discredit some leaders of Southern Nigeria, and further instigate a fraction of the Northern Nigeria Youth, in sustaining the ‘quit notice’ issued by the Northern Youth Coalition, asking Igbos living in Northern Nigeria to vacate, before October 1st, 2017.

The group in a statement, jointly signed by its Convener and National Publicity Secretary, Olufemi Akin Dele and Ologun Ayodeji respectively, said “the aim of these persons, is not only to cover up, for their inability to openly condemn, the Kaduna declaration, it is also, another phase of their well-orchestrated strategies, of distracting Nigerians, from demanding answers to the many challenges facing the country”


 Read Full Statement below:


The Igbimo Odo Yoruba, a Pan Yoruba Social, cultural and Political organisation, wishes to call the attention of Nigerians and the global community, to the latest attempt of a planned paid protest, by some leaders of the All Progressives Congress(APC), being led by the National Leader of the Party, Senator Bola Tinubu, with the full collaboration of the Cabal, in the Nigeria Presidency, aimed at discrediting recent efforts by notable leaders from the Southeast, Southwest and South-south, to condemn the infamous Kaduna declaration, which gave an ultimatum, to Nigerians of Igbo extraction, to vacate every part of the Northern Nigeria, come October 1, 2017.

The plan, by these people, who have already been provided with  financial inducement is to be finalised in Abuja  this weekend., This to further embolden the group of disgruntled   youth  sponsored by their elders  from the Northern part of Nigeria, who are behind the tragic threat of a pogrom against the Igbo people.

The àim of these persons, is not only to cover up, for their inability to openly condemn, the Kaduna declaration, it is also, another phase of their well-orchestrated strategies, of distracting Nigerians, from demanding answers to  the many challenges facing the country, particularly, the disappearance of President Muhammadu Buhari from State duties, for almost two months, against the party’s promises of ‘Change’ made to Nigerians, over two years ago.

The target of these leaders of the APC, and the Cabal within the Presidency, is to silence these Leaders of thoughts from the Southern part of Nigeria, who have risen, as a collective voice against the  raging impunity in the country, and have bluntly rejected the Kaduna declaration and called for its withdrawal by the so called Northern youth and their sponsors.

May we therefore warn against this plot, and many others, by the leadership of the APC,  to further destabilise the country, as we wonder how long the APC leaders and the cabal, would pursue their clandestine agenda of further destabilising Nigeria than they met it when the party took over in May, 2015.

This desperate attempt by Senator Tinubu, his party and the cabal, to discredit patriotic Nigerian leaders and further promote ethnic violence within our country, is not only self serving, but will be resisted by Nigerians, who have come to terms with the reality of the failure that the present arrangement  as presently constituted, represents.

May we remind Nigerians, that the ongoing plot, and the planned justification of the call on the Igbo to quit the North is a ploy by these people to cause chaos in the polity and actualise their nefarious agenda.

If allowed to go ahead, the plan of these APC Leaders and the Cabal in the Presidency, will still encourage these persons championing the quit Notice on our Igbo brothers, to issue  more ultimatums to other tribes in Nigeria, particularly those of us, who believe that the lopsidedness of the Nigerian political structure is at the root of the fragile relationships among Nigerians.

We therefore wish to advise the APC leadership, that rather than further plundering the nation’s resources into this nonprofitable venture, it should work with these patriotic Nigerians, and every ethnic nationalities, to discuss the root of our problem, which has made the Nigerian state so fragile and requires an urgent restructuring. Until the country goes to the root of its problems, we will only be toying with fire.

Finally, we call on our people to be vigilant that they may not achieve, the diabolic mission of further destabilising Nigeria.


Olufemi Akin dele

Ologun Ayodeji
National Publicity Secretary

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